a sex dolls toy called the rose

The other day my friend Amanda came over to my place with a box. I was in awe when I saw what was inside. A sex toy! It was a Rose, my friend’s new vibrator. We were both excited to try it out.

This Rose was a beautiful ethereal pink. It had a rosebud-like design and was made of the softest silicone material that felt like velvet on my fingertips. I couldn’t stop admiring it! The design was very clever as it had two motors inside for powerful vibrations. My friend was over the moon and already planning all the fun she’d have with it.

The setup for the Rose was really straightforward. Just one button and you could cycle through all the different modes. One of the best things about it was the whisper quiet sound it emitted when operating, you couldn’t hear it from the other room!

As soon as we switched it on, delicious sensations spread through my body. I felt a wave of pleasure wash over me and I was hooked. It had multiple settings to choose from, from gentle pulses to scorching vibrations. The Rose had this special warming function that would make it feel extra lifelike, as if the rose vibrator was truly alive.

Soon we were enjoying the vibrator together and it was an exhilarating experience. We took turns to try out all of its features and had a laugh discovering its different functions. Some of the patterns and Penis Rings speeds were unique, you could really tailor it to exactly what you wanted in that moment.

luxurious Field rabbit Vibrators 7 speed silicone wire remote control vibrator for women sex ...The best thing about the Rose was that it was totally waterproof. For all the bath times and shower sessions we had with it, it always held up and stayed completely safe. We even tested it in a bowl of water and it still worked just fine. It didn’t skimp on power either, it was just as powerful in the water as it was out.

The Rose’s texture and shape was ideal for targeted stimulation and it even had a special feature which enabled you to control it from your phone! That was amazing, we could use it wherever we were and control it from the other side of the world.

We tried to find an area on the Rose that wasn’t pleasurable but we couldn’t find one. Everywhere we put it on our bodies sent a shockwave of pleasure to the other side. We had some of the most intense orgasms of our lives with this toy and we can highly recommend it to anyone!

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