are grace and frankie still selling sex toys

When I heard that Grace and Frankie were selling sex toys, I was both surprised and intrigued! Having known the duo since childhood, it seemed miles away from their typical activities like bingo and crocheting. I just had to know more. After some research, I found out that these two legendary women are now rolling out a variety of sex toys for every desire.

It started with a vibrator, sex toys aptly named the “Vibrance.” They also have an entire line of lubricants, all made from natural and organic ingredients. You can even customize the intensity and duration of your preferences depending on the product you choose. Not to mention, there are even online tutorials to help you choose the right toy for you.

I think their decision to delve into producing sex toys is incredibly positive. It’s a huge shame that such an important aspect of life as intimate relationships is still largely taboo in many parts of the world. Now, with Grace and Frankie at helm, couples can comfortably and openly look for tools and products that will take their sexual pleasure to the next level.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about Grace and Frankie’s products is that they cater to everyone – no matter their gender orientation, age or sexuality. What’s more, the toys they sell are safe and built with the best quality materials.

On top of all of that, Grace and Frankie are constantly rolling out new products on the market. This means you can expect to find something new and exciting whenever you visit their website. I think it’s great that older people – who traditionally receive less attention from the media – can still take a seat at the table of life.

But it’s not just about sex toys. Grace and Frankie have partnered up with many renowned charities to raise awareness about matters such as mental health, environmental protection and poverty. And, in an era when the LGBTQ+ rights are being threatened all around the world, the business is placing particular emphasis on amplifying the voice of sexual minorities.

Admittedly, not all of their products are perfect. The accessories that come with some of the toys are a bit flimsy. Plus, some of them are slightly expensive compared to the competition. Yet, I think overall the fact that Grace and Frankie have made it their mission to improve intimacy, pleasure and equality for all makes their business truly admirable.

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