can male sex dolls be on top

Well, the topic of male sex dolls being on almost sounds unreal to me – I mean, there are real humans who do the same thing right? But then again, the objectification of women has been depicted in the media and most of us, it seems, have grown more comfortable with the idea of objectifying men.

So, my initial thought was, why not? I mean if it’s accepted that women can be ‘used’ to fulfill a purpose, why not men? In fact I think there could even be more cases when having a male sex doll on top could have a positive effect – take women suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after a bad relationship as an example. I’m sure a male sex doll could provide her with a safe outlet to fulfill certain needs without having to risk the possibility of getting hurt again.

Although I can see how some could view it as demeaning to men – as if they’re being used for sex dolls nothing more than pleasure – I like to look at the bigger picture. I think that in some cases, having a male sex doll on top could actually be beneficial to some. We need to take into account the increasing demand for sex dolls and how it is an alternative, albeit still controversial, form of pleasure and satisfaction.

My husband and I decided to test this out for ourselves and I’m happy to tell you we were both pleasantly surprised. I found that the doll was surprisingly lifelike and very responsive – his ‘skin’, despite being made out of plastic, was surprisingly soft. We spent a lot of time talking about whether male sex dolls should be allowed to ‘be on top’ and in the end we both came to the conclusion that, yes, they should be, as long as the right safety precautions are taken.

Another interesting thing we noticed is that when the male sex doll was on top it actually felt more natural than the conventional ‘man on top’ position. We figured that this could be because it is a doll, and there was no body movement involved, unlike when a real person is involved. Plus, our male doll could be programmed to any position we desired.

So basically, our experience with the male sex doll being on top was positive and we both felt that it was actually enjoyable and almost ‘human-like’. It reaffirmed our belief that while this may be controversial, it can still be pleasurable and even beneficial in some cases.

Now, while this was all good for me and my husband, it definitely isn’t for everyone. We just wanted to share our experience and maybe open peoples’ minds to the possibility of male sex dolls being allowed to ‘be on top’.

Going along these lines of thought, in my opinion the male sex doll being on top could also be quite useful in re-educating people about peer pressure and gender roles. When people are used to feeling superior when they are on top, this dynamic could be reversed and demonstrate how it could be far more exhilarating to switch things around and have the man on top.

By allowing this kind of experimentation in the bedroom, it could open our minds to the idea that traditional gender roles are not an absolute and cannot always be adhered to. A kind of liberation from gender stereotypes – that’s what I’m talking about!

Furthermore, having this form of experimentation could also introduce diversity and break down the barriers of shame and social stigma. I mean, sex is sex – and if having a male sex doll being allowed to take control of a situation can help with that then why not? Let’s break the taboos and give it a try!

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