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a facebook group for sex doll lovers

I recently heard about this amazing Facebook group for sex doll lovers! I was completely blown away as not only is this something that I’ve never heard of before, but it really opened my eyes to the possibilities of connecting with like-minded people. As soon as I heard about this group I knew that I […]

pumping feeling in penis after peeing

Oh my gosh, I just can’t believe it, but I think I actually have a pumping feeling in my penis after peeing! That’s an incredibly strange sensation, I must say.​ A few months ago, I completely stumbled upon this new experience, and since then it’s been deja vu every single time.​ I mean, what the […]

Wow, the penis to mouth pump self bj.​.​.​ Now that’s a mouthful! Honestly, at first I thought this sounded kind of strange and a little uncomfortable.​ But I recently saw a survey of people who tried it and their generous feedback changed my mind.​

Most contracts reported that it felt kind of strange, but after a few attempts they all said it became delightfully pleasurable.​ People mentioned sensations ranging from teasing to thrilling, to fantastic, to downright divine.​ Without a doubt, they said the sensations surpassed anything they’d experienced previously.​ In total, all but one person reported increased pleasure […]

I recently had the chance to experience a mini bbw sex doll, and let me just tell you – it was an eye opener to say the least! Literally, I felt like I had stumbled into a whole new world of pleasure that I had never experienced before. The plush curves of this mini sex doll, combined with her delightfully detailed face, rendered me speechless. It’s almost like the doll was made for my pleasure alone!

The feeling I got when I first touched her was electric. Her body felt so silky smooth and her curves were so deliciously inviting. I simply couldn’t resist and, needless to say, I had an amazing time with her. The experience was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. From the moment I picked her up […]