guy cums in his sex doll

My jaw dropped when I heard my friend tell me he had a sex doll. We had definitely raised the stakes in our bragging competition and it had me intrigued. We all laughed, but then he went even further and said he had had his best orgasm with it so far. I asked him what happened and he went on to tell me about his experience with cumming in his sex doll.

I was fascinated. It was a weird concept, but I was willing to hear the gritty details. He told me that when he was done, the doll’s vagina was filled with his cum, and it felt like he was actually having a real sexual experience. He said he felt liberated and completely satisfied. To top it off, it was one of the most intense experiences he had ever felt—that “deer-in-the-headlights” kind of rush.

But then my friend revealed that he was a bit embarrassed afterwards. He said he wondered if he had gone too far and somehow degraded himself. I guess he was worried that what he had done was somehow wrong or immoral. But I thought it was cool—a totally different kind of sexual experience—so I reassured him that it was okay to explore his sexuality.

I also told him that maybe he could channel his newfound confidence in other areas of his life. I pointed out how he had just experienced something new and exciting, and that it could give him the confidence to take risks in his everyday life. I asked him why he felt embarrassed and he said he was just afraid of what other people might think. I reminded him that his actions weren’t hurting anybody, so he had nothing to be ashamed of.

So he ended up laughing off his embarrassment and owning the fact that he had just experienced something completely out of the ordinary. He knew he was doing something unique and had to embrace it. He decided to talk to other people and join some online communities to talk to people who have had similar experiences.

The whole experience got me thinking. I was curious to know what other people thought about this new way to experience sex. Could this be seen as an acceptable way to explore sexuality, or is it too extreme? I started talking to people, but the majority that I spoke to had the same reaction I originally had—they thought it was weird and immoral.

But then I had some interesting conversations with a few people who had actually tried it and they had a completely different opinion. These people said that while it might seem strange, it’s actually a great way to explore your sexuality and push boundaries. They said it was liberating and intense.

My friend told me how he found the doll online and invested in the most top-of-the-line model available. He told me that after using it, he felt incredibly satisfied and fulfilled. He said it was the best physical and psychological release he ever had. He said he now rarely uses the doll but still uses what he learned from that experience to his advantage in other sexual experiences.

He also said that buying and using the sex toys doll was not necessarily just a physical experience but an emotional and psychological one, too. He said it made him feel accepted, like he was part of a secret society. He also said that it’s something he would recommend to anyone who’s curious and willing to explore.

So it’s clear that while it may seem strange and even a bit immoral, cumming in your sex doll is a unique and fulfilling experience. It provides an intense physical and emotional release that can boost confidence, and give you an insight into yourself and vibrators your sexuality. So who knows, maybe I’ll give it a shot one day.

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