homemade penis pump with turkey baster

Wow, I just heard about this cool Hack for making your own Homemade Penis Pump using a Turkey Baster! At first I thought my friend was making a joke but sure enough, he sent me a picture – a turkey baster with a piece of rubber attached to it.​ I was skeptical at first but then when I looked into it further, I found out how easy it really was – and could do it with stuff I already had lying around the house.​

First of all, you’ll need a turkey baster.​ I’m sure you likely have one of those around already – just make sure it’s a standard size and nothing too small or too large.​ You’ll also need a piece of rubber that you can cut to size.​ You want it to be thick enough to give you some suction.​ You could even use an old inner tube if you want!

Once you have all of your materials, it’s time to assemble.​ All you have to do is attach the rubber to the end of the turkey baster.​ This is easiest to do with some sort of glue, like hot glue or rubber cement.​ Once the rubber is securely attached, you’ll have your homemade penis pump!

Now, here’s the important part – make sure you’re using plenty of lube when using it.​ Otherwise, it could be painful and even cause irritation or sores.​ Also, don’t use it too often or for too long at one time.​ This can cause damage to your penis over time.​

Lastly, make sure you’re cleaning your penis pump properly.​ After each use, wash the rubber piece with warm, soapy water.​ Also, make sure to sanitise the rubber with rubbing alcohol or some kind of antibacterial solution.​

So there you have it! Now you can make your own homemade penis pump with a turkey baster.​ Who knew it was so easy?

After that, when you think about it, it’s a bit random that a turkey baster would be useful for something like this.​ I always thought it was just for sex dolls pouring gravy into a turkey in the oven.​ But the fact that this hack actually works helps me understand the true power of a turkey baster and basically any object that we can think of – that we can turn into something useful.​

Though this is a fun hack, us guys should be careful before using it.​ After all, some of those medical grade penis pumps can take a beating with their tough materials and air pumps.​ But when making our own penis pump, we need to be careful not to overdo it or take it too far.​ With a turkey baster, we’re only really taking a guess at how much pressure it’s providing—there’s no exact measurement.​ So it’s like walking a tightrope between not enough and too much suction.​

Plus, once we’ve made the penis pump, we still need to clean and disinfect it properly.​ Doing this part wrong could lead to infections or even worse.​

The point is, this homemade penis pump hack definitely isn’t for everyone.​ Though it’s cool to try out, we need to be mindful of our own safety.​ What do you think?

Another issue with using a turkey baster is the potential for allergies or skin sensitivities to the rubber used.​ We need to make sure to use a type of rubber that is skin safe and not prone to cause any allergies.​ But even with this, we should still clean the tip often to make sure it stays sanitary.​

We always have to be careful not to overdo the suction.​ Too much suction can lead to soreness, bruising, or even lesions.​ And, we have to be aware of our own natural limits.​ The penis we have is a sensitive organ and too much suction can be uncomfortable or even painful.​

Finally, another thing to consider is the amount of time spent using it.​ Even with medical grade Penis Rings pumps, they won’t work right away and it can take weeks of regular use for it to yield any results.​ So even if we build our own penis pump, it can take months before any real results are seen.​

So, overall, though this hack can be fun to try out, it can be a bit dangerous.​ And I’m not sure the results are worth it in the end.​ I’m curious, how do you feel about it?

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