how are dildos made

Hey, so I just got curious and I had to find out about how dildos are made. I’m sure you’re with me in this curiosity. I mean, I had no idea. Ever since I found out about dildos, I wanted to know what really goes on behind the scenes.

So, believe it or not, they start out as moulds. The ‘masters’ are made from silicone, latex, or jelly rubber – and boy, let me tell you, it’s not something that’s rushed. Incredible detail and care to ensure everything is totally safe to use is put into the process. Talk about a labour of love!

The craftspeople use premium materials to make the moulds, and once the form takes shape – with specialised drying processes for each material – then it’s ready to be cast. Different types of liquid pigment and powdery substance mix together to create a kind of resin that gets poured into the mould. You can see why having a properly- prepared master is important, or else you could end up with seriously compromising dildos shapes!

The resin cools and sets in the mould and, voila, the dildo is born. Then it’s on to the painting, where the rubber is decorated with beautiful details. It’s amazing how close attention is paid to each and every layer of paint to ensure all the dildos look the same.

But before the dildos are ready to go to market, they must pass a few tests. They need to be checked for any potential cracks, holes or inconsistencies in the surface. They also put them to the ultimate test of comfort, to make sure they’re super comfy when you’re using them.

Once all the checks have been completed, the dildos are get to added to the range and they’re ready to be shipped around the world. Can you believe it? From mould to dildo – it’s really incredible the amount of work that goes into each and every dildo.

Next up is the manual. These days, dildos can be as basic or as fancy as you want them. From simple finger-vibrators to high-end silicone dildos with powerful motors – the choice is all yours. With that, you need to be sure of the instructions on how to make each one, so they have a team of expert craftspeople and designers to put together the steps for each and every model.

Obviously, not every dildo is created equal – some are made to vibrate, some are made to be operated remotely, and some are designed to do both. To make sure each one is created with the highest quality and performance, all the instructions are thoroughly tested and evaluated for safety, convenience, and user satisfaction.

Now, the addition of hightech features is a whole different ball game. Technology is changing the way dildos are run, and it’s something that’s still relatively new. So if you want a wireless-operated, app-controlled dildo, you need to consider all the different ways it can be used, as well as the safety and maintenance procedures of the materials used.

The team also needs to be sure that the batteries can handle the power and heat generated by the stronger motors. Plus, they have to make sure that all the wireless communication protocols are properly encrypted. Being connected provides extra fun but it can also be a privacy and security risk, so it’s important that the encryption protocols guarantee absolute privacy – that’s no joke!

With all these features and processes in mind, the team starts to map out the software code and hardware requirements of the dildo. Here, details like the strength of the vibrations, the number of settings, and the precise control it can have on the user’s experience, all come into play. It’s incredible how much thought goes into making the perfect dildo, right?

Finally, once all the features are added, the code is tested, and the models are certified by all the right authorities, the dildos are shipped off to be sold to their lucky new owners. They made their journey all the way from a casting mould to a sleek, awesome sex toy! How cool is that?

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