how are my silicon sex toys melting

I honestly can’t believe this happened. I just bought a bunch of new silicon sex toys last week, thinking I’d get a fun night with my partner without any hassle. Little did I know my toys would literally be melting down!

It all started when I unboxed my toys and inserted a battery into one of them. I switched it on and – whoa!- suddenly I heard an ominous crackling sound and saw sparks start to fly from the toy. Oh my gosh, it was melting! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my brand new toy was reducing to a gooey mess.

I quickly grabbed another toy from the box to replace the damaged one, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought. That’s when I realised the other toys were also melting and the plastic packaging was turning into a smoking pool of gunk. It was like my toys were made of cheese in the microwave.

My mind went blank when I saw all the wastage and I felt so much regret. All this money and time put in, and my sex toys were basically useless. I couldn’t believe that this could happen! I knew something was wrong with this purchase as soon as I had opened it, but I had no idea this would happen.

I was most concerned with the safety of these toys. Who knows what would’ve happened if I’d left them in the bedroom or the bathroom? Melting plastic gave off toxic gases and the battery was an unidentified brand – there was no way I could use these anymore.

2015 hot Colorful Portable Wireless Waterproof Vibrators , Remote Control Women Body Massager ...So then I started looking around for a more reliable option and my research lead me to some more established brands that made sex toys for Penis Rings adults. After a few hours of trying to find information on the quality of the scarlet flame silicon sex toys, I got hold of a few guaranteed to be quality, safe products.

Although I had lost quite a bit of money on my previous purchase, I was glad to be able to find a genuine option that would provide me with satisfaction. I read reviews and looked into customer ratings and complaints before I made my choice, as it was important to me to get a good quality toy, now that my original purchase had let me down.

My partner was happy to get a reliable toy, although I was feeling uninterested in the whole experience now. I felt so embarrassed to have wasted money and time on something that hadn’t worked out properly.

We used our new toy with caution and safety in mind, and thankfully it delivered us a much better experience than what we had before. Not only did the new toy feel more pleasurable, but I could rest easy knowing that it was of good quality and I was not risking my health in the process.

The whole experience taught me a lot about looking at quality and safety standards before buying anything. I’ll be a lot more careful now when it comes to making such important purchases. I mean, who wants their sex toys melting right? Nobody.

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