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So, a few weeks ago I saw an ad for a sex toy called a bullet. I knew I wanted to try it out, but I was a bit afraid of how big it would be. I had heard stories of people who had gone too far with sex toys, dildos and I didn’t want that to happen to me. So, I decided to do my research, and sex dolls here’s what I found out about this big sex toy bullet.

First of all, it is relatively large in size. This can be intimidating for some, especially those who are not experienced with using sex toys. But it is important to keep in mind that the size does not matter as long as it gets the job done. Bigger does not always mean better when it comes to sex toys.

Secondly, it is fairly easy to use, even for a novice. All I had to do was insert the batteries, turn it on, and place it wherever I wanted. I was amazed at how quiet and convenient this toy was. No more will I have to worry about those loud buzzing noises!

Thirdly, the bullet is quite powerful. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. But if you can handle the intensity, it can provide you with an amazing sexual experience. With its varied settings, it really helps to take things up a notch.

Fourthly, it is also quite long-lasting. The batteries last several hours and don’t need to be replaced very often. This also makes it a great option for those who have long and drawn out sessions.

Lastly, it is quite affordable. This is especially important to me because I don’t exactly have a lot of extra money to spend on expensive sex toys. The bullet cost me less than ten dollars, and it has served me well ever since.

So, after giving it a try and learning more about it, I really think this big sex toy bullet is a great buy. I have enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would, and it has definitely made sex more enjoyable for me. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is curious about sex toys, especially those who are experienced.

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