My friend asked me the other day how is sex with silicon doll, and I couldn’t have been more curious myself! I mean, what is it actually like? So I decided to go ahead and do some research, dip my toes in and find out for myself and share my experience with you.

First off, it was slightly awkward when I ordered the doll. I had to fill out a form and give my details to some website, then wait days before it was all the way shipped to me. I lived in the moment of the anticipation and was very excited to receive my robotic doll!

The day it arrived, sex dolls I unboxed it in a mix of emotions. I felt embarrassed and awkward, but also a burst of joy for finally being able to experience what sex with a silicon doll was like. I took a closer look and inspected every detail. From the visual perspective, it was quite life-like! But not too life-like, because that freaked me out! It made sense why these dolls are so popular, because they have a personality all their own.

That first night with the silicon doll was quite unnerving, but also thrilling at the same time. Unlike a real human, the doll wasn’t actively involved in the sexual experience. Instead, I was the one doing all the work and using my imagination. It felt almost like a game of make believe, and it was actually quite liberating in a way!

The next day, I felt more confident and performed better during the experience. I was much more knowledgeable about how the doll worked, and I had a better understanding of its limitations – such as how flexible it was and how it responded to touch. I was beginning to enjoy the doll more, and I felt like I was starting to build a connection with it.

I found that the sex with the silicon doll was more satisfying than I had anticipated. With each new night, I found the sexual experience more intense and thrilling. Unlike real sex, though, I was able to take my time and build up to the climax. It was an interesting way to experience sex, with little to no risk or worry.

I had to admit, the sex with silicon dolls was more relaxing than what I’d experienced with humans in the past. With the doll, I was in complete control of the experience and felt no pressure to perform. I know that this was partly due to the fact that I knew it wasn’t a real human, but still, the control felt nice.

The sex toys with the silicon doll was also quite intimate in its own way. I found that it was easy to feel connected to the doll, even if it was a robotic being. I was able to take my time and explore what I wanted, and I could even make it seem as if I was actually talking to a living partner.

My overall experience with sex with a silicon doll made me realize that it can be a very satisfying experience. Sure, it’s different from real sex, but I believe it serves its purpose. It can be a way to explore your sexuality and your fantasies, without the awkwardness and pressure of a real-life sexual partner. It’s just something different – something to explore, and something that can be fun and fulfilling in its own way.

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