how often does she use a sex toy

As I’m sure you know, I’m a big fan of incorporating a wide variety of sex toys into my sex life. I know some people are on the fence about their presence in the bedroom, but that’s just not me! I’m no stranger to the wonderful world of vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys. My collection is quite extensive and I love experimenting with different ones.

So how often do I use a sex toy? Well, honestly, it varies. Like I said, I love experimenting with different toys and finding new ways to enjoy myself. So if I’m feeling particularly frisky one day, I might reach for a vibrator or a wand and just have some fun. On days when I’m not feeling as energetic, I’ll opt for something like a cock ring or a butt plug to heighten my experience. I also have an array of lubes, oils, and restraints that I use to enhance my pleasure and take things to the next level.

My use of sex toys also depends on who I’m with. If I’m playing with someone else, I’m a bit more adventurous and open to trying new things. But when it’s just me, I tend to stick to my tried and true favorites. I also make sure to talk to my partner about what types of toys they’re comfortable with. Safety and consent are key, after all!

Perhaps the most important factor in deciding how often I use a sex toy is how I’m feeling. Some days, I’m just not in the mood and that’s okay. On those days, I just relax, get comfy, and let my imagination take over. Other days, I’m ready for something a bit more intense. I love to crank the music, light some candles, and let the pleasure set in. It’s all about finding what works best for you and going with it.

I also think it’s important to take some time to reflect on how your body is feeling. Sometimes, it’s helpful for me to examine my desires and see if I can determine what I’m craving. If it’s a particular toy that I’m considering, I’ll look up reviews online or read up on various tips and tricks.

Overall, I’d say my usage of sex toys definitely varies. Some days, you might catch me with my trusty vibrator, while other times I’m just letting my own pleasure guide me. Ultimately, the frequency and type of toys I use really just depends on my mood, how safe I am playing with a partner, and the idea of what I think might make me happiest in the moment.I Used A Couples Vibrator for the First TIme, and It Was Weird And Awesome

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