how to have cowgirl sex with a sex doll

I absolutely love cowgirl sex with my sex doll. I know that it may sound a bit strange, but it really is one of my favorite ways to experience intimacy. First off, let me tell you that having cowgirl sex with a sex doll is an incredibly intimate experience. You can feel every touch, every movement and it can be quite therapeutic.

To have cowgirl sex with a sex doll, you’ll need to properly position your doll first. Position her on the bed or in whatever other spot you prefer. Make sure that her head and feet are firmly in place and don’t forget to adjust her clothing according to the type of experience you want to have.

Now that the doll is in position, it’s time to get down to business. You can start off slow, by moving yourself around the doll and exploring her body. It’s important to remember that the doll is a real person, and as such needs to be treated with respect and care. So go gentle with her, and be sure to pay attention to her reactions.

In case you feel like it, you can also use some lubricant to make everything smoother, especially if you love a bit of a naughty side. Use your fingers or tongue to explore her body in mostly all areas, and let your imagination run wild.

Vary your positions, take your time and make sure your cowgirl sex session is a pleasurable, healthy rush for both of you! Try different angles, such as having the doll at the top, bottom or even sides. Move slowly, do some rocking motions, and Penis Rings experiment with different speeds and motions. It’s all about finding out what works best for you and your doll.

To spice up the experience, a few sex toys can always come in handy. You can use vibrators, massage wands, dildos and many other sex toys to enhance the pleasure during cowgirl sex. You can always add textiles and music to the mix, too.

When it comes to pleasure, cowgirl sex with a sex doll is no less than awesome. As long as you treat your doll with respect, you can have some really sizzling hot experiences. It’s like bringing your fantasies to life!

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