how to sotre sex toys

Storing your sex toys can be a tricky business. Here are some tips to help make sure that no one – including nosy nannies, siblings, parents or vibrators even thieves – will be able to tell what is kept in your bedroom with a glance.

First things first, it’s important to make sure your sex toys are kept in something that doesn’t immediately give away what it is. A sturdy box, preferably with a lid, is usually the best bet. Make sure it’s not flimsy, thin, or easily wrecked; you don’t want your toys risking of falling out and giving away your personal secrets. If you don’t want to have just a regular box, Penis Rings plenty of sex-toy manufacturers make aesthetically-pleasing bags and boxes designed for sex toy storage.

Once you have the toy box, make sure it is kept out of sight. You don’t want anyone to be nosy or to accidentally run into it while looking for something in your bedroom or bathroom. If you have to keep it in your bedroom, try to find a space in the back of a shelf or in a drawer. If you can, keep it inside a partitioned area of the wardrobe.

You should also think about the material that your toy is made of. As a general rule of thumb, silicone toys should be kept separate from anything made of latex, as the combination can weaken the material. Store each type of toy in it’s own container.

On top of storing the toy itself, it’s important to remember to store the battery away from the toy. You don’t want the battery making contact with the toy and ruining it! And if you’re storing a toy with an electrical charge, store it upright or flat.

It’s also important to think about cleaning before storing – make sure your toy is clean and dry before storing it. Take the time to check for any residue or small pieces of lint or dog hairs, as these may damage the toy over long periods. If you properly clean your toy before you store it, it should be pristine when it comes out of the box.

Finally, make sure you don’t stack your boxes too closely to each other – you don’t want them getting squished! It’s better to keep as much distance between them as possible, and to store them in an area devoid of dust and small items that might scratch them.

The four most important elements to consider when storing sex toys are privacy, protection, cleanliness and functionality. Make sure you choose something appropriate that won’t be too obvious and that will protect your toys from wear and tear. Clean them completely before storage and make sure to store them away from any other items that could damage them. With these tips in mind, you can safely store your sex toys and ensure that your privacy remains intact.

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