I was browsing the web the other day and stumbled across a wide male masturbator! At first, I was a bit embarrassed to even look it up, but I worked up the courage to research it.​ Wow, was I surprised!

This thing was huge! OK, maybe not that huge, but it definitely had a wide end, nearly double the size of most other types of masturbators.​ I read a few reviews and they seemed to be quite positive, so that made me feel a bit more confident.​

This wide male masturbator appeared to offer a much more realistic experience than the smaller ones I had tried in the past.​ Of course, I was super curious! Could it really make all the difference?

I started imagining all the possibilities that could be achieved with a wider masturbator and my mind was blown.​ Could I really experience something so realistic and realistic-feeling? What would be the sensation like? Questions race through my mind!

I decided to finally take the plunge and get this thing! It arrived in the mail a few days later, and I couldn’t wait to give it a try.​ I got myself all settled in, and then reached for the wide male masturbator.​

It felt great! Not only was the size perfect, but I also felt a ton of pleasure right away.​ It felt almost like the real thing, and I started to fantasize about my own experiences with women.​

The wide male masturbator allowed me to really get into it, sex dolls and I was able to control the pressure and vibrators intensity.​ I felt satisfied, and the results were amazing.​ I was able to reach an orgasm with ease – something I had struggled with in the past.​

I continued using the wide male masturbator and it only got better and better with time.​ I would recommend this to anyone looking to add a bit of extra stimulation to their solo sessions.​ It’s definitely been a game changer for me!

Since then, I have also begun exploring other types of male masturbators as well.​ After all, variety is the spice of life, right? I have begun to learn a lot about different materials and textures, and the sensations involved.​ Who knows, maybe I’ll find something else I enjoy even more?

Now that I’ve experienced the difference a wide male masturbator can make, I’m eager to see what else is out there.​ I’ve heard great things about even larger sizes, so I’m excited to explore more! I guess you could say I’m addicted to the feeling and sensation these toys can provide.​

I’ve also become far more adventurous when masturbating.​ I used to stick to the basics, but now I’m willing to try new things and explore new sensations.​ I even enjoy switching things up and changing out the wider male masturbator every now and again.​

I love to explore new sensations when I’m masturbating, and that’s exactly what a wide male masturbator can do! The added width and internal structure make the sensation so much more realistic, and that makes all the difference.​ I’ve never been as satisfied with my solo sessions as I am now.​

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