I was feeling a little adventurous the other day, so I decided to try out male guy pooltoy masturbation.​ I know it sounds a little strange, but I was intrigued, and a little curious.​ So, I figured I’d give it a shot.​

When I first tried it out, I was shocked at how intense and pleasurable it felt.​ I mean, the sensations were unlike anything I had ever experienced before.​ I was so aroused that I felt like I could barely contain it.​ It was this kind of crazy, wild pleasure, a feeling that I just hadn’t been able to find elsewhere.​

But I guess it wasn’t all good.​ After all, I was in a pool with a bunch of guys.​ I know that might sound like a laugh, but it really was kind of creepy.​ I mean, people were staring and it was just plain awkward.​

Still, I pushed through the awkwardness.​ I figured that if I didn’t, I’d miss out on an opportunity to really explore my own pleasure and get to know myself better.​ I was determined to show my courage and be proud of my body.​

Also, I think that it was good because it enabled me to learn more about my body.​ When I tried out male guy pooltoy masturbation, I got to know all the different parts of my anatomy.​ I felt how they responded to different types of stimulation and pressures.​

Plus, it let me be in control.​ It was in my control to try out all the different positions and angles and see what I liked best.​ It meant that I could have exactly the kind of experience that I wanted – and that was an amazing feeling.​

Finally, I think that male guy pooltoy masturbation was a really positive and empowering experience for me.​ It was one of the first times that I had explored my own pleasure without having to be worried or ashamed.​ It was like I had always had this kind of pleasure within me, yet I had never had a chance to explore it until now.​

No matter what other people thought, I was proud and I felt an incredible sense of comfort and warmth in my own skin.​ It was an empowering feeling that I knew I was going to take away with me.​

Next, I experimented with other types of male guy pooltoy masturbation.​ I tried out different speeds, pressures and angles to see what kind of sensations I could get.​ It was interesting to see how different types of stimulation felt and what kind of response my body had.​ Once I figured out what I liked, I was able to stay in control and tailor my experience as I saw fit.​

I also found that I could play around with different mental exercises.​ Before I started, I would take a few moments to relax and focus on my breathing.​ Then, I would let my mind wander and drift away to different places.​ This helped me to really let go and maximize my pleasure.​

Finally, I experimented with different tools and accessories.​ I used vibrators, lube, and even handcuffs to see how these things affected my pleasure.​ I found that each of these things provided me with a unique sensation and was able to take my experience to a whole new level.​

All in all, my experience with male guy pooltoy masturbation was an incredibly positive one.​ I felt more secure in my own body, learned a lot about myself, and especially found a new appreciation for sex dolls my own pleasure.​ It was empowering and an amazing experience overall.​

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