is plastic harmful to use as a sex toy

Since day one, I’ve always been an adventurous person so it came as no surprise to me when I found out that my sex life was taking on a whole new direction. Gone were the days of plain jane, bring the lube, pull out the oil, now it was all about that plastic life. Plastic sex toys? Yeah, I’d heard about them in college, but figured that I would never go there. But here I was, on a soul searching journey to find out if plastic was really the material to use in the sack.

Honestly, I was a little scared. What if the plastic would be too hard and not pleasurable? Could I break or hurt myself? Were there any health risks that I needed to consider? Could the plastic leach or dissolve and get into my body, if so, what would that do to me later on down the line? I quickly tried to do some research on the topic before taking the plunge.

Turns out plastic actually wasn’t that bad once I did my due diligence. It can be safe to use as long as you make sure you’re using the right ones and you use common sense. I found out that everyone loves a good plastic toy since it is non-porous, which means there is no risk of infection, plus, it is fairly easy to clean. Plus, it can also maintain its shape and it doesn’t dry out like other materials.

However, there are still some drawbacks to using plastic. For one, plastic can heat up so you need to be careful not touching it for too long. Plus, some of the cheaper toys can still leach, even though they’re of good quality. So it’s important to only buy plastic toys from a reputable vendor or store. And lastly, the toy can possibly contain BPA, which can be harmful to humans. So it’s always important to make sure that the plastic toy you’re using is legit and certified safe.

I eventually started exploring different styles and shapes and sex dolls they all provided a different type of sexual experience. I learned that plastic is actually a great material to use for sex toys since it provides a safe and non-irritating experience. And its best feature is its flexibility as you can almost bend it in any shape you want. So the possibilities are pretty much endless!

Although I’m still a little bit skeptical at times about using plastic for my sexual adventures, I ultimately trust that it is a safe material to use. After all, having adventurous sex is all about communicating and being open with what you want and what works best for your body. And when it comes to safety and pleasure, nothing should come first over that!

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