It’s a curious thing, but if there’s one thing that never fails to get my attention, it’s the topic of male masturbators.​ It’s just such a fascinating subject, and when it comes to big dicks, well, that’s even more fascinating.​

I was recently browsing through a sex dolls toy shop and saw a male masturbator for big dicks.​ Now, I had heard about masturbators before but had never seen one that was made specifically for big dicks, and I was intrigued.​ At first, I thought it was a joke, like one of those glass-tipped, oversized novelty wands that you can find in some shops.​ But it turns out, it wasn’t.​

The first thing I noticed was that this was not an ordinary masturbator.​ This was a powerful, and well-designed, tool made specifically for men with blessedly oversized cocks.​ I was immediately impressed.​ I mean, sure, why not get a glass-tipped wand if it’s attached to something sized for my dick? But this was something better.​

The shape of the masturbation tool was designed with the intention of optimizing pleasure while being anatomically correct.​ It had ridges and bumps, all the right curves and crevices, and some even come with added suction, making me feel like I was part of an adult funhouse.​ Plus, the material was soft and flexible, so there was no risk of injury.​ Perfection!

I ran my hand over the smooth surface and was amazed at how realistic it felt.​ My mind was racing with anticipation and pleasure: Could something this small really be that powerful? I had no doubt that it could be.​ And I was happy to be proven right.​

After only a few minutes of experimenting, I was overwhelmed with pleasure and could hardly contain myself.​ The feeling was incredible! I was excited and I couldn’t believe how quickly this little device had taken me to the brink of absolute bliss.​

Emboldened by the success of my first experiment, I decided to show it off to my friends.​ I must have seemed like an idiot, bragging about a male masturbator for big dicks, but even they couldn’t help but be impressed.​ And, as some kind of proof of its efficiency, we all left the party about 10 times more relaxed and happy than when we arrived.​

The moral of the story is that if I hadn’t taken the plunge and tried this male masturbator, I would probably still be blushing and embarrassed at the thought of discussing sex toys.​ But since then, I’ve become a believer and I’m a firm advocate for men exploring new pleasure techniques.​ And no matter the size of your genitalia, this is one of the most effective and rewarding tools available.​

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