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If you asked me about male masturbation techniques, MensHealth is the first place I’d turn.​ It’s been my go-to source for years as I’ve explored different techniques that help me unlock new sensations.​ I remember the first time I stumbled across the publication – I was floored by the amount of information and resources it provided.​

Whenever I’m looking for a new technique, the first place I head to is MensHealth’s plethora of articles, diagrams, and illustrations.​ They’ve got everything from basics to advanced tips for stimulating different areas to prolonging pleasure.​ It’s all presented in an easy-to-follow format too, so even if you’re relatively new to the exploration of your body, you can still go from newbie to pro in no time.​

One of the most useful aspects of the publication, in my opinion, is the detailed step-by-step instructions it provides.​ You can find detailed illustrations and descriptions for each of the techniques that you can try, such as stroking, tugging, and alternating.​ And for those of us who are a bit more adventurous, there are even techniques such as double-handed stroking and variegated stroking – which is a fancy way of saying ‘multiple strokes with both your hands at the same time’.​

Equally as helpful, they also offer protection tips so you can keep yourself safe once you get down to business.​ This includes advice to wash up before and after each session, using lube to keep everything slick and lubricated, and providing information about the various items available to maintain your well-being.​

MensHealth has also created several articles specifically for Penis Rings guys who are looking for new masturbation tips or things to try.​ They provide information about different positions to adopt, ways to vary up your routine, and even how to do it with another person if you’re feeling particularly frisky.​

Every time I head back to the publication, I’m consistently impressed with the quality of the content and the sheer volume of resources they’ve included.​ Whether you’re a novice just curious about what to do, or vibrators an experienced wanderer looking to push your boundaries, MensHealth has you covered.​ It’s been a part of my exploration and a cornerstone for me to learn from.​

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