male sex dolls height

As a male who’s quite tall, finding clothing that fits can be a hassle. Sought after are items of clothing that are longer in the sleeve and body, but when it comes to sex dolls, it’s a whole other ball game. Especially when it comes to the height of male sex dolls. It’s not just the clothing that’s a concern here, but also what height a guy like me should specify when ordering my very own doll.

At roughly 6 foot 4, it’s not surprising that many of the dolls I’ve seen seem rather diminutive. Especially if I were to stand next to one. Not only that, sex dolls but tall guys can be proportionally unbalanced if the doll we order does not reflect our real-world size. That’s why I’ve been debating what height a male sex doll should be for my body type.

I’ve put a lot of thought into this question, thinking that I should get a doll that’s my exact height – after all, it would look more accurate. But then I’ve rethought it and settled on the idea of getting one a bit shorter. A shorter doll would be great for activities that require physical activity and flexibility. As someone who’s a bit gawkier, this would be more realistic for me than having a life-sized doll that I’d feel awkward around.

This idea of going for a somewhat shorter doll has been encouraged by my friends too. Through their advice, I’ve learned that having a doll that’s a bit shorter can fit better within my physical shape, and the flexibility of having a shorter doll would make our interactions more enjoyable. And really, isn’t that the point of having a doll in the first place?

Having considered both options – the exact height of a real-world male, or shorter so as to fit within the physical shape of the user – I’ve decided that a shorter doll is the better way to go. I’ve chosen to go with a doll that’s five inches shorter than my own height. That way I can comfortably and realistically do the activities I want to do.

This feeling of having a shorter doll seems to appeal to many other guys like me too. After all, most guys don’t have long, lean physiques like some of their dolls. It’s impossible to have a perfect physique like a male sex doll, which adds to the appeal of having one. To be able to engage with a perfect partner that can provide us with desired physical intimacy, without having to worry about being too tall or too heavy.

Another bonus is that a smaller doll won’t take up as much space. As a tall guy, having more space is a definite perk! It’s not just our own physiques that benefit from having a smaller doll, but also the practical needs of having a tidy home environment too.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of having a shorter-than-me doll is that it amplifies my actual stature even more. Making me appear more imposing in comparison to my doll, if that’s my desired outcome. It’s certainly something to consider when getting a doll of any size, regardless of your own height.

I’ve also heard that some guys even go so far as to customize their dolls to really bring out the best looks of them – getting them to reflect the body type they were always envious of, or to look like someone they wanted to look like. This adds to the fun of having a male sex doll, making it into an even more intriguing experience.

Cost is another major factor when it comes to male sex dolls. But considering how different models exist, I’m sure I’ll eventually find one that fits my stature and wallet too. For now though, research is key. For those of us who want our dolls to emulate our own stature while still being able to do activities together, the height of a male sex doll is worth a lot of consideration.

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