negative consequences masturbation for males

My friend always sometimes talks about masturbation and the negative effects it can have on males.​ I believe there are better alternatives than going that route! I mean, the pleasure may be great in that moment, but if it becomes an addiction the consequences are far greater.​

The first consequence of masturbation is physical.​ It seems that it can be a possible cause of impotency in men, which no one wants.​ I’m sure the doctors will tell you it can cause a decrease in sensitivity and an increase in escalate pain due to a lessening of the nerve endings.​ That can feel pretty awful.​ Unfortunately, this can also result in a decrease of sexual activity due to the physical pains.​ Yikes!

The second outcome that masturbation can have on males is the mental aspect.​ According to some studies, over-masturbation leads to a decrease in serotonin, which is the hormone of happiness.​ That can bring about depression and that’s definitely not a good thing.​ You don’t want to be saddled with the blues! It can also lead to mental problems including lack of concentration, fatigue, and even worse, an inability to have a sexual relationship.​ That can be an uncomfortable issue to open up about.​

The third outcome that the solo-act can bring about is a financial burden.​ Nowadays, there are certain tools that are available at a cost that make masturbating even more enticing; tools like lotions and vibrators.​ It can cause you to spend money that you don’t have, money that’d be better spent on other things.​ Think of the things you can do IF you don’t give in to the temptation!

The fourth consequence is a spiritual one.​ From a religious standpoint, dildos let’s just say it’s frowned upon, thus can having demoralizing effects on an individual’s soul.​ And if we relate human physiology to our spiritual inner beings, masturbating can have drastic effects on our physical selves.​

The fifth consequence is the destruction of one’s relationships.​ Yes, it can.​ For all your cheating spouses out there: guilt can and will ruin a once healthy and solid relationship.​ And then there’s the trust factor.​ It can shake you to the core, if you find out someone has been indulging in self-pleasure.​

The sixth effect is the damage to personal reputation.​ What happens if word gets out that you are addicted to the self-pleasure? Even if no one finds out, you still have to deal with the guilt, shame and embarrassment of knowing you allow yourself to get carried away with it.​

The seventh outcome is the destruction of self-esteem and confidence.​ If you’re engaging too much in pleasuring yourself, it can cause an addiction, leaving you wanting more and more.​ In the end, you may resort to feelings of despair, insecurity, and confusion which will absolutely take a toll on your self-esteem.​

So, in conclusion, I guess the overall advice when it comes to masturbation is moderation.​ Weigh the consequences and consider if the reward is worth it?

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