pedophiles could be prescribed child sex dolls

I heard something controversial recently and I had to tell a friend. Pedophiles could be prescribed child sex dolls as a way to manage their urges and problems. At first, I was taken aback. How crazy was that!? I mean, isn’t that really encouraging paedophilia!? But then I heard the rationale behind the thinking and it made me consider the idea in a different light.

Wholesale Vibrators For Beginners - Buy Cheap in Bulk from China Suppliers with Coupon | DHgate ...First off, it’s important to realize these are not real children, they’re dolls that are made to look like children. And they’re only available to individuals who are already in therapy and have sought help. The idea here is that these dolls could be used as a form of therapy to help pediatric individuals control their urges and help them re-engage with society.

I get it, it’s not an easy concept to swallow. But I think it could be a good solution for pedophiles who are beyond help. If these dolls can help stop them from committing any crimes, then I think it’s worth trying. They can finally get the help they need without risk of anyone getting hurt.

That said, I do understand why it could be a concerning idea. It feels like it’s condoning paedophilic behavior, which it’s not. I think it’s important to recognize that these dolls should only be used as part of a monitored therapy program. If this approach can help reduce the risk of paedophilic crime, then I am in support of it.

It’s true, the notion of allowing paedophiles access to child sex dolls could be perceived as enabling. But if the aim is to reduce mass crime, then I believe it’s worth the risk. Pedophiles need help and if this is a viable option, I say let’s give it a try.

I can see how some people could be against it, Penis Rings but I think it’s a great idea. It shows we are trying to tackle the problem, sex dolls instead of just ignoring it. I do think there should be further research done on the matter so that we have all the facts, but as far as I can tell, I think prescribing child sex dolls to pedophiles is a good idea.

One question I have is how should this be regulated? Who decides who gets access to the child sex dolls? How do we know if they’re using them responsibly or not? Who monitors their usage? I think it’s important to answer those questions before implementing the program.

I’m all for trying something innovative to help those people who are in need and preventing horrendous crime from occurring. That said, I understand that some feel uneasy about the idea of child sex dolls. But If it can help reduce crime then why not consider giving it a try?

To conclude my thoughts, I think that allowing pedophiles to be prescribed child sex dolls as part of a monitored therapy program is a great idea. I think it’s worth the risk if it can help reduce the potential of paedophilic crime. However, I do think there should be more research done on the topic first and foremost, as well as finding out how it could be regulated properly.

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