penis burst from using pump

I recently heard from my friend about a peculiar situation he experienced.​It all started when he bought a penis pump to increase his size.​He was very excited to try it out…with no idea that it would end up bursting his penis!I was positively shocked when I heard this.​How can something like that even happen?! I couldn’t believe it at first, but then he explained a bit further and told me what happened.​

He said he was using the pump for some time and then all of a sudden, his penis started to hurt and swell up.​Later he realized that he burst his penis due to the pumping.​He told me that this experience was truly excruciating and he doesn’t wish this on anyone.​

The medical opinions vary on this topic.​However, most will agree that penis pumps are very dangerous and should be avoided.​Especially, if used without following proper instructions.​It seems to me like using these things with the expectation of growing your size is foolish and comes with great risk.​Moreover, in some cases, people can experience permanent damages to their penis, while others can end up having an enlarged penis which can cause a lot of problems.​

According to my friend, he never expected something like this to happen.​He said he did it “all wrong” and also, he used too much pressure with the pump.​He explained how he thought it’s a good idea to use it longer, but instead, it resulted in his penis bursting.​He sounded very worried and scared about this, and he was also happy that nothing more serious happened.​

After this incident, my friend decided to seek medical help as soon as possible to ensure that his burst penis heals properly.​The doctor advised him to stay away from penis pumps and stick to safer and proven methods like exercising and using weights to increase size.​He also learned that this kind of an injury is not uncommon, and it only happens if the user doesn’t follow instructions properly.​

In the end, my friend is now pain-free and thankful that nothing more serious happened.​Overall, this entire experience was a big lesson for him and he plans to be more careful next time when using any kind of sex toys.​

But this story is not limited to just penis pumps.​ With the rise in popularity of sex toys, new products hitting the market, and a lot of innovative technology, it’s hard to keep track of what works and what’s not.​ People should understand that these sex toys aren’t all safe and can end up causing considerable harm.​

Another example I can cite from my friend’s experience is when he decided to get a penis plug.​Well, he said he thought using a penis plug will help him increase his size, but after using it for some time he experienced a lot of pain and swelling.​He was not only shocked, but also quite terrified of such an adverse reaction.​Turns out, if you don’t use these high-tech toys correctly and carefully, they can cause a number of problems.​

Apart from using products like penis plugs and pumps, my friend also tried a few cock rings.​He used them with the intention of increasing size, but the only thing he got was a testicular strain.​Now he knows to be careful with these kinds of products too and to use them properly if he really wants to benefit from them.​

As for me, I’ve used a few of these sex toys in the past, but I always make sure to research them properly before using them.​I also avoid using them for too long, as that can lead to serious problems.​Basically, I’m all for experimenting but I prefer to be safe first.​

Finally, when it comes to penis pumps, penis plugs, and cock rings, I think people should educate themselves about these products, especially about how to use them and side effects.​Also, they should avoid experimenting blindly and only use them for the right reasons.​

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