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When it comes to pumps and penis enlargement, everyone seems to have an opinion.​ I’ve heard from friends who swear by it, and others who are convinced it’s nothing but a sham.​ So I decided to do some research for myself and see what I could find out.​

I ended up at the thundersplace.​org website and it was like navigating through a sea of information.​ There were lots of discussions about ppe pumps, tips and tricks, and quite a few people talking about using penis rings with pumps.​ Some people swear by them, but others say they’re unnecessary.​

I read through some of the posts people shared, and while there didn’t seem to be any definitive answer, I could see that penis rings had some clear advantages.​ Using a penis ring with a pump helps to keep the blood in the penis longer, leading to better absorption of oxygen and nutrients for faster results.​ It also helps to restrict the blood from flowing back out, sex dolls helping to keep the penis from becoming flaccid during a pumping session.​

So I decided to give it a shot and ordered my ring.​ When it arrived, I was definitely a bit intimidated when I realized how tight it was, but with some lubrication and a bit of carefulness, I got it on.​ I could already feel the tightness that was pulling everything together.​

I moved forward, and pumped as I had been doing before, but I could tell something was a bit different.​ After about 15 minutes, I could feel the tightness of the ring, the blood rushing into my penis and that was it.​

I was amazed at how much of a difference the ring made.​ Not only was it more comfortable, but I could see the results of the session almost immediately.​ Now, I’m a regular user of the ring when I pump and swear by it.​

Over time, regular pumping sessions alongside the use of the penus ring has significantly improved the thickness and size of my penis.​ What’s more, I’ve also noticed a great improvement in my overall sexual performance.​

I’m now a firm believer in pumping and using a ring and strongly believe that everyone looking to maximize their penis enlargement potential should definitely give it a shot.​

Now that I’ve talked about the basics of pumping with a ring, let me tell you about more effective methods.​ First, I highly recommend starting slow and building up gradually.​ This will help the body adjust to the stimulus and ensure that your sessions are safer and more comfortable.​

Second, it would also be wise to use some form of lubrication when pumping with the ring.​ This will help to make sure your pump is properly sealed and allow for maximum suction.​ Additionally, a lubricant like water-based lube can help in preserving the integrity of the ring itself.​

Third, slowly increase the pressure as you go.​ While it can be tempting to start off with a high pressure right off the bat, this can be dangerous and might cause some tissue damage.​ Start off with light pressure and adjust accordingly as your session progresses.​

Fourth, pay attention to the time spent in the pump.​ Generally, the recommended time limit is between 10 and 15 minutes, although this can vary depending on the person.​ Pushing yourself past this limit can be dangerous and is best avoided.​

Finally, remember to rest your penis between sessions.​ Allowing it to rest adequately after a pumping session will help it to readjust and flush out any remaining toxins in the body that might have been caused by the pump.​

In conclusion, I think pumping with a penis ring can be a great way to help with penis enlargement.​ However, it’s important to take things slow and to pay attention to the amount of time and pressure used during a session.​ With proper use of a ring while pumping, it’s possible to see some significant gains in penis size and performance.​

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