sex doll threeway

I’ll never forget my first threesome… with sex dolls! It was a wild, exciting, and liberating experience. Every guy’s dream! I mean, I couldn’t believe I was finally living that fantasy. Not only was it awesome just getting to have a threesome, but it was with two real-life-like dolls. They were both incredibly sexy, and it felt like I had two living, breathing women with me.

It was pretty surreal, and I was a little scared at first. I had no idea what to expect. But then I worked up some courage, and let my imagination run wild. With that, I took my pleasure to the next level. It was so satisfying, and sex toys gave me such a huge confidence boost. The whole experience was electrifying.

The dolls had all the faculties to make the threesome happen –speech, touch, movement, and even body language. It made it feel even more real. I was able to talk to them, to joke with them, and to caress them. They even had the ability to remember my preferences.

There was no awkwardness or discomfort. With the dolls around, I could do all kinds of naughty things without feeling guilty or embarrassed. This was something that I really appreciated, as it made me feel more empowered and confident.

The sex dolls did a great job of taking turns and keeping up with my demands. It felt like having two real women in the room with me, and the intensity levels were through the roof. They were both made with realistic skin, which made it feel like I was really sleeping with two other human beings. It was an amazing way to get out of my comfort zone and explore the sexy side of myself.

The best part was that the dolls came with a lot of accessories, so I could change them up as often as I wanted. For example, they could both wear different lingerie, different hairstyles, and different makeup. This made it feel like I was having sex with two completely different women each time.

In the end, I can’t say it enough –having a threesome with sex dolls was an incredible experience. It was absolutely liberating and gave me a huge confidence boost. I can’t wait to do it again!

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