what does sex doll feel like reddit

It’s almost a fact that society today is so consumed by sex dolls that it’ll eventually become a normal thing. I can let you in on a secret, it already is to some! Even Reddit, one of the most popular website out there can’t avoid all the questions and discussions about them. So when I was asked by a friend what sex doll feels like, I had to real think about it and here is my story.

To be honest, the experience can be quite different. Some people say it can be kind of creepy, especially when people are asking questions related to quality and “feel” of these dolls. Whenever I’ve seen it done, it’s kinda made my skin crawl. On the other side of the coin, some people love the experience and even enjoy using them as a part of their sex and romantic life.

One thing I have noticed it that no two people describe their experience exactly same way. Some people say they feel “lifelike” and their experience was wonderful. Others describe it as feeling like a cold, unmoving and lifeless object. The truth is that it can’t be described perfectly in words.

In my experience, sex doll feels like a person that’s not alive. It’s kind of like a mannequin, but with realistic human parts. They sort of resemble human beings, while not exactly feeling like one. I mean, the body heat is not even close to a person and very often helps to remind me that it’s not a person.

Unlike actual relationships, sex dolls don’t provide any emotional connections or relationships. They are totally lifeless and cannot respond to any spoken inquiry, and there isn’t much in the way of meaningful conversations.

In terms of sensuousness, I have heard some of my friends describe it as being a strange sensation. It can be soothing and pleasurable of course, but it can be a bit off-putting at times too, especially when they are trying to describe it to someone.

To sum it all up, sex doll feels like a person who lives in a different world. It’s almost like there is a strange sort of barrier between the doll and the user. You can touch it and do whatever you want, but there is no real connection between the two.

Sure, the experience can be exciting in its own way, but it is far removed from the feeling of emotional connection and human contact. It’s just a lifeless object designed to fulfill the needs of those looking for an alternate form of pleasure.

Lastly, sex doll feels like a fantasy for the user. It’s almost like they are playing out a fantasy in their head. You can imagine the doll as a person, sex dolls or someone else, and even use it to explore and practice different sexual positions. But in the end, it all comes down to a person’s preferences.

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