what does sex toys do

Sex toys have come a long way over the last few decades. Gone are the days of cheesy silicon or latex phallic objects, replaced by a beautiful range of materials, shapes and sizes to suit everybody. When I first heard about sex toys, I was curious. What could they do for people? How could they ease tension, or what benefits were there to using them in the bedroom? Well, I soon found out.

For starters, sex toys can help break down taboos and how we’ve been conditioned to think about sex. As an older generation, we’ve been conditioned into thinking that sex is something that should only be done with one’s partner, and if anything out of the ordinary is experimented with, then it’s frowned upon. But with sex toys, we can attempt and explore new toys, sensations and experiences with our partner, without fear of repercussion or judgement.

Sex toys can also bring couples closer. If your partner is feeling a little shy and Penis Rings off their game, bringing out the vibrator, dildo or anal beads can bring out the best in them. The sensations can help break down walls and help a couple feel more connected. The trust created by using toys together can be a beautiful thing, as it’s a mutual adult decision to explore something new.

Sex toys can also help increase pleasure. A well-made sex toy can increase sensitivity and pleasure that a hand can’t always reach. Certain buttons, curves, shapes or even material can all increase the pleasure. And don’t think that sex toys are just for one gender. There are toys suitable for all genders as everybody has different desires and needs, and the right tool can help fill those desires and make every experience more enjoyable.

Sex toys also boost your libido. If you’re feeling a bit down and out, playing with a toy can help boost your confidence and desire to explore. Finding the right toy that suits your desires can be a fun and enjoyable process that can leave you wanting more. You never know what possibilities you might bring forth in the bedroom with the right toy.

Sex toys can be used during solo or partnered sex. If you’re feeling a little lonely, or your partner isn’t around, solo sex can be a great way to take care of yourself. The same can be said for partnered sex, too. With the right toy, you can hit all the pleasure points that two hands can’t always reach, and make your experience all the more enjoyable.

Finally, sex toys can also teach us about our bodies and our pleasure. Playing with a sex toy can help us learn which speed, shape, size or sensation we prefer, so when it comes time for solo or partnered sex, we know exactly what we need to make the experience enjoyable.

Sex toys can also help reduce stress and anxiety. If we’re feeling particularly anxious or overwhelmed, a nice solo session can be just the thing to help relax us. We can take our time and explore our own pleasure with the help of a toy, allowing us to feel in control and connected with each other.

Using a toy can also bring feelings of freedom. Searching for the right toy to fit your desires can bring on feelings of liberation and openness that you may not feel during partnered sex. The fear of judgement or feeling uncomfortable is reduced as the focus is on you and what you need to feel pleasure.

Sex toys can help make sex more enjoyable. Whether it’s a simple vibrator, dildo or anal beads, the right toy can help enhance pleasure and keep things exciting in the bedroom. You can explore different shapes and sizes to find what works for you—and your partner.

Sex toys can also create a deeper connection to your partner. Trust is created and walls are broken down when experimenting with new toys, allowing couples to feel closer and sharing something special.

There’s a whole world of sex toys out there, you just have to choose the ones right for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment or shop around—the perfect toy is out there waiting for you! Who knows, it might just take your sex life to the next level.

Finally, sex toys can help improve communication. Instead of going in blind, having conversations and Penis Rings discussions about the types of toys and sensations you like to experiment with can open up lines of communication that are vital to any relationship. So even if it doesn’t result in a purchase of a new toy, the conversations you have can be beneficial for both of you.

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