what sex toys did christian grey use

Sex toys have always been a controversial topic, but let’s face it, they are here to stay. So when the novel Fifty Shades of Grey came out, all eyes were on the kinky sex toys featured in the book. As a friend, you asked me what type of sex toys did Christian Grey use? Well, let me tell you!

When I heard Mr. Grey’s infamous line ‘My tastes are very singular’, I knew that he was no ordinary guy. He was always looking to spice things up in the bedroom and his collection of sex toys was proof of that. Let’s take a look at some of the tools of his secret trade.

Mr. Grey used a set of handcuffs and a red silk blindfold. Handcuffs create bondage and they limit a person’s movement which can heighten sexual pleasure. By using a blindfold, he was able to increase the intensity of his partner’s sensory input, intensifying the experience.

He also had a furry playing card spinner, which he used to take turns selecting different sexual activities for him and his partner. The spinner added an element of surprise and excitement to the bedroom.

But that wasn’t all. Christian had a Wartenberg pinwheel, which is a medical device used to test nerve sensitivity. He used it as a form of BDSM play where he would lightly roll it over his partner’s skin to test their sensitivity.

Christian liked to experiment with massage candles as well. The candles are made from wax and contain scented oils which melt as the candle burns and can then be used as massage oil.

He also had bullwhips, vibrators, anal beads and night vision goggles for more adventurous activities. Mr. Grey was definitely a man of many toys!

Now let’s get a bit more detailed about these sex toys. One thing that Christian Grey loved was incorporating sensory deprivation into his bedroom antics. This would involve using items such as a blindfold, hoods, earplugs, and tape. Each of these items would serve to limit sensory input, heightening all of the other senses.

He also invested in some higher-end bondage equipment, such as leather handcuffs, restraints, and an inflatable BDSM chair. Each piece of equipment was specially designed to restrict movement, allowing him to explore alternative ways to pleasure his partner.

Christian liked to experiment with temperature. To do this he kept an array of items such as ice cubes, heating pads, warming massage gels, vibrators and chilli patches. These could be used in play to bring a new sensation in the bedroom.

Another thing that he liked to do was tease and tantalize his partner. To do this he used a number of items such as feathers, feathers, massage wands, vibrating eggs, and erotic massage oils. All of these could be used to stimulate his partner and increase pleasure.

Lastly, Christian Grey was a big fan of sex aids. This included items such as penis plugs, penis pumps, and penis rings. He also had a selection of prostate massagers, penis sleeves, and anal beads which were designed to add extra sensation and pleasure to sex.

As you can see, Christian Grey was a man who knew what he wanted when it came to sex toys. He certainly had an impressive collection of items that could be used to enhance pleasure. From feather ticklers to bondage equipment, he had something to please everyone.

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