what to do with a new sex dolls toy

There’s something so thrilling and taboo with getting a new sex toy. My first purchase as an adult was a vibrator. At first I was a bit embarrassed to buy it, I even had the store employee slip it into a paper bag for me to avoid any awkward eye contact. Getting it home was even more nerve-wracking, I was almost shaking as I opened the box.

But once I got that baby out of the box, I felt so liberated and empowered! The plethora of ways I could use it to explore my sexuality and find pleasure was suddenly open to me. The sensation of vibrating that toy around my intimate areas gave me goosebumps, I especially loved the luscious and intense vibrations. To any newcomers out there, I’d highly suggest you make this an introduction to your sexual repertoire!

After I felt comfortable with my vibrator, I decided to expand into other types of toys. I got my hands on a couples toy that could be connected to my partner and I. This experience was out of this world! We could control each other’s pleasure, and sync together for maximum joy. We could get as intense as wanted, supported by the toy, or have a light and pleasurable massage that we both enjoyed. Cruising around the different settings of the toy was like a mini sexual game we could play together – it was seriously awesome.

Kicking it up another notch, I got a set of anal beads. I was so curious about the sensation they give that I just had to try them! With an abundance of lube and a friend’s reassuring advice, I dived into the experience. At first it was a bit uncomfortable but that was because I wasn’t relaxed enough! I found that when I took a deep breath and settle into the sensation, I was packing a ton of pleasure. Nothing compares to that tickling and vibrating mix of unique feeling that anal beads provide!

Next I decided to try a vibrating suction toy. This was a brand-new world of pleasure. Suction and vibrations combined to create deep contractions and sensation that I had not felt with any other toy before. This one gave off a sensation that seemed to travel from my intimate areas to the rest of my body, and cause a wave of pleasure intensified by the vibrations. For maximum pleasure, I recommend trying this one out alone first, to get familiar with the sensations.

Finally, I brought home a traditional dildo. Great stiffness, and a perfect size – not too big, not too small – this one was absolutely perfect for me. I loved the variety of sizes and sex dolls textures you can find in this type of toy, and I experimented with a few different ones until I got the perfect fit. I use it solo, and it provides a deep and pleasurable fullness I just can’t seem to find with any other type of toy.

This journey has taught me to that sex toys come in so many unique shapes, sizes, and textures – it can be a bit overwhelming at first – but discovering and experimenting with different ones is like climbing a never-ending mountain of pleasure! You can come up with ways to make yourself and your partner happy that you never thought were possible – and that’s the beauty of it. Who knows what amazing thing I’ll discover next!

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