what were the first sex toya

Have you ever heard about the earliest sex toys? Let’s talk about it.

Wow, what amazing invention has been made! In the post-pre-historic era, the first sex toy dates back dozens of thousands of years to the stone age. To be precise, they were nothing more than stone dildos carved out of stone.

Initially, these stone dildos functioned as healing tools, aiming to cure a lot of gynecological and digestive illnesses. However, soon enough, it became something more. It became a mean of pleasure.

Can you imagine? I find it amazing what our ancestors were capable of. There’s evidence of stone dildos being found all over the world, from France to China. It’s remarkable to think that the art of pleasure was so widespread. Talk about a revolution!

What’s even crazier is that the technology and materials of the time were so advanced that the sex toy mimicked the texture and feel of human skin. Oh, the things that could be made with stone! Later, materials such as wood, leather and ivory took precedent. But I still believe the craftsmanship of us humans was most impressive when we were using stone.

Even though the use of stone sex toys might not surprise you, the astonishing technology that the Stone Age enabled is pretty remarkable. I mean, have you ever seen the small details an artist managed to carve out of stone? Now that’s real talent!

It’s also incredible to think how something that was initially used as a cure became a tool for pleasure. It’s pretty awesome that a simple rock was able to turn into something for enjoyment.

I’m so glad that our ancestors were brave enough to explore the field of pleasure and, obviously, have enough ingenuity to create something like that. Could you even imagine living in those times? It gives me goosebumps thinking about it.

An additional fact that’s worth being known is that historians have found similar stone dildos all over the world. From one corner to the other, ancient civilizations appeared to be fond of exploring different areas, including pleasure.

It’s mind-boggling that a kind of technology that dates back that far still stands today. This plays as a testament to how brilliant the minds of old worked, and how crafty we humans can be.

And you know what? After all this time, people are still raving about these stone sex toys, and trust me – they are worth it. I heard they provide quite a unique and intense sensation. Go figure!

The old days were just as daring as the new, and that includes sexual pleasure. I just love reflecting back and appreciating how far the field has come since then.

It’s clear to me now that Millennia has gone since the first sex toy, and yet, it’s still something that captures people’s curiosity. It’s just awesome.

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