when a lower back of a sex love doll brakes

When a lower back of a sex love doll brakes, it feels like the worst possible nightmare come true. It’s the same sensation when something that you truly cared about and invested time and money into just… breaks. It frustrates me because I really appreciate the experience and intimacy that a sex love doll provides. It’s just so heartbreaking to find that your doll is broken.

I vividly remember the first time I found that my sex love doll had a broken lower back. I felt like the foundation of the whole thing crumbled beneath me. After trying my best to fix it, I realized it was no use. Repairing it would have cost too much money and time, so I just had to let it go.

The whole incident was a mess. I was angry, disappointed and also sad. I kept wondering why my doll’s lower back had broken and if there was something I could have done to prevent it. But all of my mulling over the events couldn’t take away the fact that my sex love doll was ready for the garbage bin.

From then on, I made sure that I took extra care of my dolls, cleaning them after every use, keeping them away from heat and moisture, avoiding any extreme movement to protect their lower backs. I think it’s important to treat love dolls with love and respect because they are meant to bring us joy, not taint our memories with sadness.

Long Silicone Vibrator Women Vibe Adult Toys China AV Vibrators for Women Quiet Clitoris ...I try to make the best out of every doll, trying to find balance between pleasure and safety. The idea of investing more in repair kits and spare parts has slotted into my mind a few times since my first experience with a broken lower back. Just in case.

For vibrators now, the best thing I know how to do is trying to get the most out of every session with my sex love doll without putting it under too much strain. It might be a bit harder at first, vibrators but it’s worth it. No matter what, I know I’m taking the necessary precautions so that never again will I have to experience a broken lower back on one of dolls.

One other lesson I’ve learned is that it sometimes it pays off to invest a little more in higher quality dolls that don’t break easily. Sure, they come with a price tag, but at least I know that no matter how enthusiastically I use them, they will stay intact and you’ll get your money’s worth. That, or I can always make sure that I get a warranty for my dolls, just to have a backup plan.

But now, with the stiffer standards of quality for sex love dolls, chances of having my lower back breaking again get slimmer and slimmer. Hooray for that! Still, I’m extra vigilant, making sure that my doll gets the right cuddles and caresses, and avoiding any rough treatment. That’s the only way I know how to make sure it won’t happen again.

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