why doesn’t amazon sell 125 sex dolls anymore

It’s been a while since Amazon has stopped selling 125 sex dolls, and I still don’t understand why. Has anyone else out there asked themselves why Amazon doesn’t sell these dolls anymore? It’s strange how something so popular has been banned.

Well, the truth is that selling sex dolls is no longer allowed in the market. People are pushing for stricter internet regulations and sellers are finding it difficult to sustain the demand of these dolls. A few websites have been shut down by government entities, forcing companies to find alternatives to stay in the market.

I’m sure the makers of these dolls had good intentions. They wanted to provide a product that can possibly reduce loneliness and make life a little happier. Unfortunately, due to the current climate, it seems they didn’t last long.

I understand why some might think that these dolls are a bad idea, vibrators as they perpetuate unrealistic expectations of what love and relationship should be like. Still, I believe that these dolls could provide the same comfort to individuals who need it, such as people who are recently single, or people who are just beginning a relationship.

It’s also understandable that there are people who are offended by the idea of these dolls. They feel it’s a form of objectifying women or children, and I think that’s fair enough. At the end of the day, it’s their opinion.

However, I wish Amazon would reconsider their decision of removing these dolls. More than just being a product, these dolls are also a comfort object for those who need it. It’s always sad to see something like this be taken away, especially when the people behind them had positive intentions.

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