Wow, the penis to mouth pump self bj.​.​.​ Now that’s a mouthful! Honestly, at first I thought this sounded kind of strange and a little uncomfortable.​ But I recently saw a survey of people who tried it and their generous feedback changed my mind.​

Most contracts reported that it felt kind of strange, but after a few attempts they all said it became delightfully pleasurable.​ People mentioned sensations ranging from teasing to thrilling, to fantastic, to downright divine.​ Without a doubt, they said the sensations surpassed anything they’d experienced previously.​

In total, all but one person reported increased pleasure beyond what their own hand had provided.​ One person even said the combination of mouth and hand was enough to take their “self satisfaction” to an entirely new level.​ Could you imagine activating more senses related to sexual stimulation? It sounds amazing!

Some people reported that it took a little bit of practice to get it just right.​ The consensus seemed to be that you want to choose a comfortable position, take your time, lots of lube, and then experiment with a variety of positions and techniques.​ That’s kind of the beauty of this experiment.​

That amazing feedback inspired me to try this too, and it did not disappoint! To me, this felt like the holy grail of sexual pleasure.​ It perfectly combined the sensual pleasure of a tongue with the more powerful sensation of a hand gripping firmly (but not too firmly) around my penis.​

The stimulation was overwhelming and intensely pleasurable.​ I felt like I was experiencing every sensation simultaneously, yet it felt so incredibly delightful.​ Moreover, this process seemed to go on and on and the pleasure seemed to increase with each thrust.​

Best of all, I found I didn’t need too much equipment to achieve these incredible results.​ All I needed was some lubricant and a mirror so I could figure out the best angle for the most exquisite pleasure.​ In some ways, this makes it more accessible than owning expensive sex toys or machines, and sex toys it still feels luxurious.​

The penis to mouth pump self bj definitely broke the mold when it comes to self pleasure.​ I’ve explored some other options, but this is by far the most stimulating form of sexual pleasure.​ It feels like you are gaining access to deeper levels of pleasure than ever before.​

Obviously, you need to be comfortable with exploring your own body, in order to reap the full benefits of this art form.​ For me, this is probably one of the most indulgent and intense forms of pleasing yourself.​

I could feel my entire body taking in the pleasure, as I felt the stimulation radiating from my genitals all the way up through my entire torso.​ This is definitely an experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a way to stimulate themselves to an entirely new level of pleasure.​

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